Here on the AEE Wiki...

Here on the AEE Wiki, we, just like every other Wiki, have RULES. These rules must be followed in order for users to have a safe, fun time on this Wiki. Please do NOT skip over these, as they are VERY important to the Wiki.

Here they are! THE RULES:

  • No Caps
  • No flirting, EVEN as a joke.
  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • Vandalism is not allowed.
  • No MC(Minecraft) stuff because that should not be on here.
  • No being a jerk to others or it will lead to a Month ban.


This is the order warnings will be given to you in: A mistake? Okay. 

Another mistake? Keeping an eye on you.

1 Day ban.

2 Day ban. Please refrain from causing trouble, as it is annoying to other users.

7 Day/1 Week ban.

1 month ban.

1 year ban.

Continuing the trouble? Blocked.

Chat Rules 

First off, don't fight as it just infuriates and annoys other users. Also, spamming. Spamming will NOT be tolerated on this Wiki. Causing trouble is also something not allowed on this Wiki. Please refer to these rules when posting in the chat.

Chat warnings.

  • First warning.
  • Second warning, kicked from chat.
  • Third warning, and banned for a day.
  • Keep the trouble going, you'll get banned for a week.
  • More trouble? 1 Month Ban.
  • 2 Month Ban.
  • 1 year ban.
  • Eternal ban.