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This is a page involving my friends, Icephoenix87, DalDal3, Armydudexx55, SoultakerDX, WaglyOrb6, and myself, XPrNovaBlitz!

While in Call Of Duty BO 2

Soultaker DX has joined the server.

Soultaker: Hellooooooooo!

Ice: Heh Gaaaaaay.

Me: Guys, don't be idiots and let's just play the game, please?

DalDal3: You take Soultaker, Daniel!

Me: How in the world can you not even know my real name?'

DalDal3: Davontae? Jacques? Ooh, I know, Shantal!

Me: Shantal is a girl name, Dalshaun, you idiot! My name isn't even CLOSE to the names you just said.

Wagly: Guys, I'm f***n tired of waiting, just play the god d*** game.

Ice: Why so rushy? We have time.

Wagly: Because you guys sound like complete p***** when you argue like this!

Me: Oh, my god, can we play now? Please?

Soultaker: Yeah, who's team am I on?

Me: He's all yours, fellas!

DalDal3: No way, he's yours!

Soultaker: -_- I'm right here, guys.

Me: ...

Ice: ... 

DalDal3: ...

Me: Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Ice: *sigh* I'm starting the game.

Soultaker: Why does no one want me on their team?

DalDal3: How can I put this nicely... You suck complete a**, bro!

Me: That... was no where near kind at all.

DalDal3: What? It's true!

Soultaker: DalDal, you wanna go bro? 

DalDal3: You can't grill this hot dog, kid!

  • collective sighs*

DalDal3: Dude, You literally have the bubonic plague on your FACE!

Soultaker: That's what she said.

Ice: Ooh, kill 'em!

Me: Burn'd!

DalDal3: Soultaker, you take a bath in bacon and eat it!

Soultaker: Dalshaun, your d*** smells so bad, every girl who tried to suck it died of tooth disease!

DalDal3: I don't think I'm the one that burps every 5 seconds in the cafateria and calls it a "bodily function" .

Soultaker:I'm not the one with the cashew-shaped head though, Dalshaun!


Me: Just so you guys know, I'm putting all of this on the internet.

DalDal3: ...

Soultaker: XPr, If you put this on the internet...

Me: Nope, nope, too late. Already there and published.


Me: I. Am. A. BOY!

Ice: I just don't care anymore, let's just start the game.

After Team Deathmatch...


SoultakerDX: 12-7

IcePhoenix87: 18-6

DalDal3: 20-10

XPrNovaBlitz: 18-8

Me: That... was short....

DalDal3: Yeah, because Soultaker is friggin' as sucky as meh ballsack!

Soultaker: -_-

Ice: You know what...

DalDal3 has been kicked from the server.

Me: That can't even be legal XD

Ice: Heh, he's gonna complain at school tommorow, anyway.

DalDal'3 has joined the server.

Me: Back from the grave, bro?

DalDal3: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kicked and shizz.

Me: Guess what, y'all?

DalDal3: What?

Me: I put this entire conversation on the internet.


Me: Someone's at my door. I'll be back.

  • Opens the door* BAM!

Me: Ouch! What the...  Dalshaun? How'd you find my house?

Dalshaun: I googled you.

Me: Um, stalk much?

Dalshaun: No, you'd be surprised how much I do this.

Me: Ha gaaaaaay.

Dalshaun: Whatever.

Me: What do you want anyway?

Dalshaun: To say that you're a faggot.

Me: Homophobe... How'd you get hear so fast anyway?

Dalshaun: Hipocrit much? And that's nunya! Nunya god d*** bidness!

Me: -_- I'm going outside now.

Dalshaun: No, wait!

  • Goes outside*

Me: Holy crap, is that a jet?

Dalshaun: Um, no...

Me: Oh, balls, are those female strippers carrying tigers in golden chains while they hold bazookas and party guns?

Dalshaun: *runs to jet* Go, go, go, go!

Me: That as wie... HEY! WATCH MY TREE, YOU BOZOS!

Dalshaun: Smell ya later, fool!

Me: Wait! Watch out for the...


Me: Other plane....

Written by TheBladeCurse