Falling In Reverse - Raised By Wolves03:26

Falling In Reverse - Raised By Wolves

Kayla And Midnight

Chanpter One: Life or DeathEdit

I was walking through the woods when I saw something. I didnt get a good look before I was knocked out. When I awoke I was coverd in cuts. I was scared inside but showed no emotion. I grabbed my blade but I didnt open it. I held it behind my back and slowly walked out of the room. When I finally saw someone they were cooking. It looked to be a girl about 16 years old. "Where am I?" I asked obviously catching her off guard, and scaring her. She turned and said "I found you on the side of the road by the woods bleeding." I nodded my said and said thank you. After that i went back to my room to find Slenderman and Jeff. "What the hell are you guys doing here?!" I roared. "We came to get you and kill the person who took you, I know your one of us but you are still new to being one of us. Now where is the person who took you?" Slenderman said calmly which only added to my anger. They were going to kill the girl who just saved me. No way in hell was I going to let that happen. "BACK OFF SHE SAVED ME" i screamed, Jeff and Slender looked shocked. I have never stood up for a human. Wether they help me or not. Slender mutterd something then i heard the name Anna. Anna.... I had a sister named anna before child welfare took me from my dad because he did drugs and would lash out on us. I felt bad for leaving her but they never knew about her. She was in the attic when they took me. I got lost in my thoughts and saw her face one last time when i was 7. We were playing dolls and i decided to go downstairs. We were up in the attic. When i went down there, there was a man talking to dad. A few minutes later he and myself went to my room and packed my cloths, bathroom things and a few toys. I wasnt sure what was happening until my dad told me and said goodbye. I cried my eyes out until later that night. The family i was with now was too happy. It had the pretty blond preppy girl and it was a PERFECT family. The girl warned me to not draw attention from her. Wow. I dont know what happened to my sister since then. She was Anna. I ran out the room and bumped into her. "ANNA!" I screamed and hugged her. "How do you know my name?" She looked dumbfounded. "Anna its me.. Kayla." I looked at her with tears streaming down my eyes. "OH MY GOD KAYLA!!!" She hugged me in a death grip but i didnt care. Suddenly she blacked out and i know who blacked her out.

Chapter Two: Hes Dead.

I dragged Anna into the room with Slendy and Jeff, and Jeff picked her up. We all headed out to the woods. I was surprised that while carrying her, Jeff seemed to be smiling more. I shrugged and kept walking until i saw the mansion. I kicked open the door and screamed "IF ANY OF YOU HURT HER I WILL KILL YOU!!" Jeff walked in behind me. "As will I." He said. Everyone in the room looked dumbfounded by Jeff's words. I moved into the room more and Jeff and Slendy came in. Jeff carried Anna up to his room and laid her on the bed. I didnt say anything because i knew she had to lay down for a hour or so. Me and Jeff went downstairs. ~3 Hours Later~ Me and Jeff were playing Call Of Duty when we heard a scream. A girl scream. It wasnt Sally because she was with us. Me and Jeff jumped up and I barly could catch up with Jeff to get to his room. When we got there Ben had her pinned against the wall. Jeff tackled him and i ran up to Anna. "Are you okay??" I asked. She looked so scared, she was crying. I got out my blade and held it to bens neck. "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" I nearly killed him right there from anger. I moved my blade. "Im sorry" He said in a panicish voice. Jeff slapped him and i smiled at that. Anna was sitting on the ground still crying. I dragged ben out.

Jeff's P.O.V: After Kayla took Ben out i went over to Anna picked her up sat on the bed and cradled. "Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded and laid her head on my shoulder. I started to blush but i stopped myself. I could tell she was blushing though. I smiled more. I mind slapped myself and stood her up. "C'mon lets get you to the others." "Okay" she said. We went downstairs and all eyes fell on her. I sat on the couch and all the guys exept ben me and slendy ran up to her saying hi. I sighed and went out for some air in the garden.

Anna's P.O.V: When i got downstairs a bunch of boys started to talk to me so fast and all together. I couldnt understand anything. I ran out and into the garden. It was beautiful. It had white roses, iris's and many beautiful flowers. I sat on a swing in the garden and sang "concrete angel". When i finished i heard clapping. My eyes widened and my eyes followed the noise to see Jeff. I started blushing and he came and sat by me. "Hey" He said. "Hi". He picked me up and sat me in a tree then sat beside me. "Wh-" "I just like trees." He said. "Okay". I was blushing still then ticci toby burst out and sang "OMG!! ROSE AND JEFF SITTING IN A TREE F U C K I N G!!!!" i turned bright red from his version of that song. Jeff pulled out his knife and ran to toby "C'MERE YA LITTLE FUCK!" and they ran across the yard. After Jeff stabbed his arm he came back to the tree. "Whats his deal?" I asked. "Thats toby for you.. and most guys. Perverts." "Oh." I shrugged. "Your not like that though." I said. He just smiled more. I didnt see how that was possible but he did. "Ummmmmmm im gonna go talk to kayla.. bye." I hopped down from the tree and ran inside dragging kayla into a hallway.

Kayla's P.O.V:

Jeff The Killer - Whispers in the dark03:26

Jeff The Killer - Whispers in the dark

I saw Anna run in and drag me into the hallway. In there i saw Toby and i blushed. "Hey guys" he said. "Um hey" me and Anna said at the same time. Anna looked at me and smiled. It must be from my blush. I pulled her upstairs and into my bedroom. We both screamed for a minute knowing what we both were going to say. "I'm in love with Jeff" she said finally. "I know. And im in love with Toby." "1) i know. 2) How can you tell with me?" I laughed. "I guessed you knew i like him. And you blush whenever you see Jeff. He likes you too." She looked shocked. And then screamed. All of a sudden the door fell open ticci toby ben lj ej and nina all fell in. When i saw ticci i blushed because i knew he heard that i liked him. Everyone dragged Anna out of teh room and locked the door with me and Ticci in it. "Um hey" he said awkwardly. "Hey..." i said back. He came up to me and kissed my cheek. "I like you too." I turned bright pink. Suddenly i grabbed him and hugged him something that surprised myself even. He hugged me back and sat me on his lap.

Anna's P.O.V (short) :

When we got in the hall i was punched by Nina. "YOU CANT LIKE JEFF SNAP IT OUT OF YOU!!!!" She punched me again. I ran down the halls and finally found one that had a end. I sat in the corner and cried.

Kayla's P.O.V:

After me and Ticci had some time alone i walked out and i started looking for Anna. I ran into Jeff "Have you seen anna?" we said at the same time. Guess he hasnt. I ran into every room but didnt find her. I was worried because i know Nina has a thing for Jeff. And she was listening in on our private conversation. I saw some blood and i followed it... 

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