I am poison you can't eat, touch, or breath.

I have not one name but many.

I come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes.

I could be your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your best friend, or even your mother and father.

I will be the forthcoming of your bitter demise. The beginning of your end.

I come from the wings of your apocalypse.

I tear apart your every sanity by putting your loved ones in harms way.

I will put brother against brother.
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I am the one that starts wars.

I know you hate me but I can't help love you.

I am the pain that is oh so sweet.

I love you in my twisted way.

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

I was your greatest fear, no I am your greatest fear.

I am the idea that once is conceived it will haunt you day and night.

I start as pain and then I am followed by hate.

I love you as you love me, for I am you.

I have not one name but many.

But you may call me Revenge, and I am pleased to meet you