Digging searching for angels light.

Only to find Dracula's eye.

Being forever lost in this black abyss.s

Digging searching for the top, only to be closer to the bottom.

The angel of death calls my name.

His voice so calming and appealing.

Singing songs of madness in my head.

My angel or is it my demon?

He hides his skeleton grin behind a mask of music.

He is my raven.

Can I ever resist the call of the siren?

His calls of peace, that can easily fool you.

The echo of his voice.

Brings me such distorted comfort.

I found this deep cave to hide in.

Where in a million years they will find me only dust.

Spoiled by friends.

Foiled by myself.

Can I ever escape?

Brought to my knees by heavy chains.

Finding a home within myself. 

Finding a home within death.

Only to find emptiness.

Lost forever in this hole that has no end. 

Forever shall I dig and only find death. 

I followed the ravens in the cold autumn breeze.

The rose called for me.

But ignored I flied away to the place of doom.