This page is about the random epicness of DILLUSCUS!!! 


Dilluscus is very handsome and good looking sometimes a blessing and a curse. Dilluscus many cool outfits but his favorite style is his Red Jacket with an aquamarine T-shirt underneath it. Dilluscus bears a very powerful device on his left wrist, The Animatetrix.


Dilluscus acts heroic towards others in need or not, he has a very awesome charm which tend to give him an advantage of wooing girls.


Dilluscus bears the Atomnitrix, a very powerful machine that could bring drawings, pictures, cartoons and animation to life to his advantage. He is really good looking and can use his charm as an ability to get his way around girls.

  • He is very skilled is hand-to-hand combat.


  • Dilluscus saved the universe almost a 2 thousand times, most of them without anyone knowing
  • He can save drawings in his Animatetrix.