Those who have lost hope.

May hold a black key.

The lock to my heart is pitch black.

Which can only fit a black key.

No one cares for me.

If they do, I will block them off.

That's why all my doors are closed.

I close all the doors.

However closing them keeps everyone out.

Including "God".

If he forsakes me, I shall forsake him too.

they said he would be my guide.

But it was all a lie or was it?

My only friend is myself.

A moving train is what I see outside.

However I stand still.

Being lost in time, no one bothers you.

No one tries to save you.

One tried to......

But in the end I only hurt her.

These walls enclosing around me.

I saved you...

But who's going to save me?

From the most frightful; myself.